Balancing Minds

Balancing Minds

Zoe combines coaching with body-based techniques such as hypnotherapy, brainspotting (BSP) and somatic belief reprogramming, to help clients understand why they feel and act the way they do. Brainspotting is particularly effective in identifying and healing underlying trauma which affects behaviour and contributes to many conditions including anxiety, stress related illness, performance, weight issues and pain.

Zoe works with clients on root cause resolution to heal the body and mind. Beliefs about ourselves are stored in our subconscious minds and unhelpful beliefs and behaviours need to be targeted at a subconscious level, for change to be effective and lasting.

Zoe is client-centred, open in her approach and passionate about helping people live their best lives. She offers a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space to support and encourage people of all ages on their individual journeys.

  • Hypnotherapy – Hypnotherapy enables you to relax at a deep level and achieve a heightened state of consciousness or mindfulness, sometimes described as ‘a trance’. We experience this trance like state when we zone out or are drifting off to sleep. You are in control at all times and use the power of your own mind to make positive changes.
  • Brainspotting – A natural, powerful, focused therapeutic tool that identifies, processes and releases core neurophysiological sources of emotional or physical pain, trauma, dissociation and challenging symptoms.
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