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Born out of the need for something more, something exceptional, something that once discovered can never be forgotten.

CPASE is a boutique gym in its finest. Where state-of-the-art equipment meets stunning interiors and cinematic-quality screens. Fresh, oxygen enriched, air helps keep you feeling cool, as well as drive your performance.

Fuelled with industry-leading fitness equipment and providing access to a team of elite personal trainers, CPASE is a revolutionary fitness playground. Covering a vast 500sqm, the multi-level gym is home to unique and revolutionary features, combining fitness with fun, we promise you won’t have seen another gym like it!

Each piece of equipment is innovatively engineered to facilitate your ultimate workout. Are you ready to explore the zones?

Functional Training Area

A Technogym SkillMill, Batak wall, bespoke rig and Ski Erg create the foundations of functional training at CPASE. A unique ergonomic stair and slide combination and our  industrial crane offer fun but functional solutions to ascend the mezzanine where you will find a full length sled track.

The fun, fast paced and engaging equipment in this zone has been engineered to increase reaction speeds, build strength and increase stamina. However you choose to move, we promise working out has never been so much fun.


Cardio Zone

Our boutique gym is fully fitted with Technogym’s dynamic Artis Line. We share Technogym’s commitment for innovation which is embodied in their design, down to the smallest detail to help evolve your fitness regime.

SkillRun treadmills are calibrated with multidrive technology, helping you switch quickly between resistance and cardiovascular training. Climb steppers, Cross trainers,  Artis bikes and Concept 2 rowers help power the most creative training experiences. Track your progress efficiently at the swipe of our membership band.

Female Dedicated Zone

Positioned on the upper mezzanine level is our female dedicated zone.  Highlighted with a signature pink track, the female area is a perfect escape for women who feel more fitness confident when working in a dedicated space.

Featuring a series of elite machinery including Hip thrust, Hip adductor and abductor, Glutes machine, Leg press and Half Rack Smith Machine, the space is finished with designated stretching and bodyweight workout floor space.



Free Weight & Dedicated Strength Spaces

Our free weight space is home to an abundance of the world’s best premium Watson pro dumbbells. These dumbbells are made of strong, indestructible stainless steel and feature custom grips to ensure maximum hand and wrist comfort.

The dedicated strength area is fitted with a series of plate loaded gym equipment from Technogym. Covering every major muscle group, the Artis Line of equipment is among the most effective strength building machines in the world  and each piece of equipment has been expertly designed to give the very best results.

Three Elite Sport Performance Squat racks complete the sunken strength zone. These power racks provide unrivalled functionality for a full body strength workout.

Personal Training

Are you ready to sweat?

Specifically handpicking our team of expert personal trainers, we are confident you will have the ultimate support throughout your fitness journey by providing one-to-one training programs that balance fitness, recovery and nutrition.

Utilising our state-of-the-art fitness equipment, and, invaluable knowledge, our personal trainers will guide you to train harder, recover faster, sleep better and refuel right.

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