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Cheshire's Elite Personal Trainers

When only the best will do

At CPASE, we firmly believe every member’s experience matters. We have specifically handpicked our team to provide our members with access to Cheshire’s Elite Personal Trainers at a subsidised rate of only £25 per session.

We are confident you will have the ultimate support throughout your fitness journey. Our team will drive your bespoke health and fitness program by providing fun fuelled and varied workouts, efficient recovery techniques and smart eating plans helping you to navigate a balanced lifestyle.

One to one training

As experts in their industry, our team of trainers have invaluable experience and knowledge. They will motivate you to work harder, sweat more, and achieve better results.

Through a combination of fun and engaging one-to-one training sessions and unique concept classes, you can hone your skills and achieve your goals.

Rest and recovery is an essential part of any program. Combining expert knowledge with industry-leading technology, your personal trainer will assess the best recovery and rehabilitation processes for your health and wellbeing.


Refuelling correctly is essential to help the body repair faster. Calibrated with your exercise regime, our elite personal trainers can design a nutritious meal plan specifically for you. For completely stress-free healthy eating, April’s at CPASE chefs will develop your plan into a diverse range of chilled meals ready to be reheated at your convenience. Gone are the days of bland, boring, repetitive dishes. At April’s, meal prep is done differently. With only the best quality ingredients used, our meals are healthy and nutritious without compromising on taste.

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