Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Supercharge Your Health and Wellbeing

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves breathing pure oxygen

through a mask in a pressurised chamber

HBOT is a well-established and extensively researched therapy, which is used to treat a whole host of conditions from skin tears and thermal burns to cellulitis and lymphedema.

In a hyperbaric oxygen chamber the air pressure is increased so that the lungs can gather much more oxygen. The air we breathe consists of approximately 21% oxygen, whereas hyperbaric oxygen therapy delivers close to 100% oxygen. Therefore, HBOT supplements the body with oxygen, which up-regulates tissue repair, genes, stem cells, immune cells, energy, metabolism, detoxification, as well as helping the body to recover and regenerate. Hyperbaric chambers are known to relieve hypoxia (when oxygen is not available in sufficient amounts) and offer a whole host of health, wellbeing and anti-ageing benefits.

Intermittent hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been shown to help reduce the cellular and biological ageing of the body and effectively help us to live longer and more importantly, healthier.


  • Improves energy levels and tissue function.
  • Regenerates and renews the body and its organs and systems.
  • Triggers the development of new tissues and blood vessels.
  • Stem cell mobilisation, builds new collagen tissue and regenerates skin.
  • Reduces inflammation and symptoms of pain.
  • Protects the body by improving and enhancing the immune system.
  • Significantly decreases senescent cells (ageing cells).


Attending multiple Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy sessions can achieve great results for increased energy levels, reduced levels of stress, as well as brighter skin, improved sleep and mental clarity. The more sessions attended, the more the therapy will supercharge your cells with pure oxygen to strengthen and support your general health and wellbeing.


10 Sessions A health boost and support for physical therapy such as orthopaedic manipulation and massage. For recent injuries such as sprains or strains and also for dramatic relief from painful joints or tissue.
20 Sessions Developing collagen tissue for anti-ageing and major tissue repair that involves enhancing the body’s regenerative capacities.
40 Sessions For those who have very serious or chronic injuries or those that are proactive with their health and anti-ageing.


For your safety, when attending Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy sessions it is important that you follow the guidelines listed below:

  • Please wear cotton clothing (no synthetic items).
  • Empty your pockets before entering the chamber.
  • No matches, cigarette lighters and electrical items.
  • Do not wear make up, hair sprays, oils and perfumes.
  • Avoid entering the chamber with colds and blocked sinuses.

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